About Us

Watch your family’s health flourish when you make the change.

On average, we consume 20000 breaths of air a day and 500L of water a year.

Our homegrown brand Apure was a dream that started because of the southeast Asian haze issue that would plague our country every so often. So when COVID-19 happened seemingly overnight, it was more apparent than ever that pure air and water are essentials our people need, not luxuries.

Our Mission

Apure is rooted in the belief that clean air and water (not ‘clean’ as in viewed by the naked eye, but true pureness that will make a real impact on your health) is fundamental for health and families.

Our Vision

When being in a public space becomes a (sometimes severe) threat to the well being of our loved ones, we are advised or even mandated to stay at home to safeguard our lives and health.

Our Philosophy

Let’s face it- most of us do not have the spare time or wealth to deal with complicated system mechanisms, unwieldy operating parts, hidden maintenance costs or overpriced retailing prices.

That’s why we are adamant about offering the best-value purification products you can find in the industry. We are talking about cost-effective products that are not just user-friendly but will consistently perform beyond the level required to safeguard your family’s wellness.

Unmatched Services

Our Promises

Free Delivery & Installations

We deliver directly to your doorstep and provide only top-notch installation services

Free Product Warranty

Rest assured as we provide full product warranties on our products

Free Filter Sets Included

We got you covered as Apure’s products provides free filter sets

Are you ready to live better?

Experience the difference in your daily life today.

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