Apure Eden Air Purifier

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Apure introduces affordable medical-grade air purification to the world, transforming the quality of air in your home like never before.

So what’s new in the Apure Eden Air Purifier?

  • DynamicClean technology – a 4-sided 360-degree robust elimination system designed to actively eliminate germs, dust, and other allergens, plus the proven capability to kill common airborne viruses.
  • Effectively captures air pollutants using needlepoint bipolar ionization technology (NPBI) and filters over 99.97% of air pollutants present in its surrounding
  • Uses the highest medical grade, H13 HEPA filter that is permeated with silver ions that help achieve effective disinfectation
  • Upgraded deep-bed carbon filter that traps and eliminated odours, harmful gases and chemicals
  • In-built UVC (Short-wave ultroviolet energy) technology that eliminate harmful bacteria and microorganisms


  • Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter
  • One-touch Instant Sterilization Button
  • Real-time air quality indicator
  • Mobile Application Control
  • Advance DC Motor System
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Near-Silent 20dB Noise Level
  • In-built Air Filter Monitoring
  • Child Lock Function

[Limited-Time] Free Filter x1 + $100 Cash Discount + Free Islandwide Delivery (within 24 hrs)

*Disclaimer: Free filter is included in the air purifier itself.


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Our Mission Is Your Peak-Level Health

Apure Eden will transform the quality of air in your home in the way you’ve never thought is possible

Would you rather have an air purifier that passively waits for dust to pass through it?

Or an air sterilizer that hunts down pollutants PROACTIVELY?

Imagine coming home and knowing that you can finally relax because every minute you spend at home is rejuvenating for your health. This is the sanctuary where every breath you inhale is infinitely safe, like nowhere else.

When Science And Technology Collide

Armed with DynamicClean + UVC sterilization capability along with an upgraded carbon filter, Apure Eden is the hardest-working aircare defender you have ever seen.

From covid-10, influenza, SARS, dust, pollen and household chemicals, indoor pollutants can trigger short-term health issues like asthma, migraines, eczema, allergies and even acne.

But the far more significant threats are the longer-term complications and graver ailments that may be significantly worsened by indoor pollutants- like upper and lower respiratory infections, debilitating fatigue, weakened immune system and rapid development of infections.

Short-wave ultraviolet energy

How does UVC work to sterilize the air?

UVC (265+-5nm) is a powerful disinfectant due to its ability to disrupt the DNA and RNA of microorganisms by attacking, deactivating and destroying them on a molecular level. This process captures and passes the air through an internal chamber where it is exposed to UVC (265+-5nm).

Have you ever wondered..

What's Really In Your Air?






Pet Dander

VOCs like Formaldehyde

(from household cleaning products, paints/varnishes, furniture, toys, synthetic fabrics etc.)

Harmful Gases

(like carbon monoxide)

Combustion by Products

(from cooking and gas stoves)


(from household pesticides to estate fumigation)

PM 2.5

If you are determined to guard your family’s health against covid-19, haze, flu viruses and other harmful micro-intruders, it’s time to upgrade the air quality in your home. Buy it right so that you’ll only have to buy it once.

Unrivalled By Competition

What makes the Apure Eden superior to a regular air purifier?

The Health-Saving Change

A key differentiator here is the DynamicClean technology- a 4-sided 360-degree robust elimination system designed to actively GO AFTER* germs, dust and other allergens, plus the capability to kill 99.99% of detected COVID-19 virus.

No Dead Corners

This process creates heavier and larger particles that cannot escape the sterilization process, so the only dead things are disease-spreading airborne viruses, bacteria, VOCs and other health-damaging pollutants.

We Hunt The Nasties Down

The game-changer that puts active air purification in a league of its own is a technology known as the NPBI (needlepoint bipolar ionization), a process traditionally used for large-scale ventilation within healthcare settings, institutional grounds or commercial spaces that has exceptionally stringent air quality requirements.

What NPBI does is to constantly supply millions of positive and negative ions that are mobile and will seek out plus attach themselves to airborne pollutants, including those that are typically too microscopic to be captured by the filter.

Nothing Less Than Medical-grade

The highest classifications of all HEPA filters available in the market, our integrated HEPA filtration layer uses a medically-certified H13 HEPA filter typically used in hospitals, electronic control rooms, and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry- but with one difference. Our integrated H13 HEPA filter is permeated with silver ions* (Ag+) to achieve immediate high-efficiency disinfection.

Lastly, this integrated layer is housed in a copper-silver ion-infused* polyethene terephthalate (a highly inert and microorganism-resistant material) skeleton that thoroughly disinfects anything that passes through it.

A: Silver ions (Ag+) play a significant role in killing bacteria because they can readily adsorb to most biomolecules (DNA, membrane protein, enzymes, or intracellular cofactors) in bacteria to deactivate them.

A: Copper-ionization is one of the safest and most effective eco-friendly non-chemical disinfection treatment methods to date.

No Escape For Formaldehyde And Nasty Smells

Impressed with what Apure Eden can do? There’s more. Fitted within the system of this superlative air sterilizer is yet another layer of filtration- an upgraded layer of a deep-bed carbon filter that traps and eliminates odours (like old cooking smells or second-hand smoke), harmful gases and chemicals (like formaldehyde)

Compact with Excellent Coverage

A workhorse that is sleek enough to complement the aesthetic of any room, every unit of Apure Eden gives you a protected area space of 36-62m2

Other Key Features

Your ultimate protection and convenience

One-touch Instant Sterilization Button

Activate instant air care and protection for your home in the blink of an eye.

Real-time Air Quality Indicator

Armed with a real-time air quality indicator that gives you all the ins and outs of it from pm2.5 and humidity to temperature levels.

Earth and People-friendly

Low-carbon, non-radiation and zero ozone emission because the health of our earth matters to us as much as our loved ones.

In-built Air Filter Monitoring

An in-built air filter monitor watches like a hawk- you get alerted immediately whenever replacements are needed.

Mobile App Control

Seamlessly easy to use, the mobile app option allows hassle-free control at your fingertips.

Advanced DC Motor System

Sturdy, quiet and stable. Powered by our most advanced direct-current motor system for high efficiency and to eliminate issues like overheating or maintenance requirements. 

FeatherQuiet Sleep Protection

Works brilliantly but not too audibly. In sleep mode, this workhorse is feather-quiet at 29.5dB.

Child Lock Function

No worries with the accidental change of settings when child-lock is activated.

Our Promises

Free Delivery & Warranty

Free Doorstep Delivery

We provide free delivery right to your doorstep within 24 hours

1 Year Warranty

Rest assure as we provide free 1 year warranty on your product

Free HEPA13 Filter

We got you covered as Apex air purifier comes with a HEPA13 filter

Experience Apure

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10am to 6pm daily




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